Friends, we are utterly excited and TRULY RELIEVED to *finally* have the wonderful Blizzard Babies LP in our hands and ready to go! To celebrate, we’ll be giving the super special, limited BLIZZARD BABIES FUN PACK PREORDER another 1(ish) week for all who want it (and you do!)…. we’ll stop taking orders for the Fun Pack edition on Friday, February 20th… and the Fun Packs will begin shipping that weekend! The Fun Pack includes: the LP, a button, a sticker, AND a “Totally True Facts” ZINE written by the band.


AND AND AND…. the RELEASE SHOW for the album is set for Saturday, Febrary 21st at Cole’s Bar, Chicago! This show is also the release show for Volume 1 of the Post Scarcity compilation tape, which features a Blizzard Babies song! DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Have you seen the Blizzard Babies’ PREMIER MUSIC VIDEO yet? We recommend watching…. HERE!


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Our 2014 ‘life/work’ hiatus is 100% OVER, and BLVD Records is returning with a giant, huge load of news, “JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!”. . .

The beautiful LP from our favorite local aggressively destructive/heavy/proggy/hardcore/wtf fellows DEN is here (!!!), and we are celebrating with a release show on (this) Saturday, December 13, at Cole’s Bar, with the imitible OOZING WOUND.  The LP is available to order in our webstore NOW! Just check out the incredible gatefold artwork, by DEN drummer Ian Piirtola. Holy shit, y’all.

We’ve just received word from the ‘ole pressing plant that the Blizzard Babies self-titled LP will *FINALLY* be ready by late February, and we’re putting that sucker on preorder! The LIMITED preorder edition of the LP will be a “BLIZZARD BABIES FUN PACK”– including a button, sticker and a “Totally True Facts” ZINE written by the band— limited to all preorders!
AND THAT’S NOT ALL— We and the Babies are RELEASING THEIR NEW MUSIC VIDEO UNTO THE WHOLE WORLD in conjunction with the preorder. The *amazing* video, which btw was made by BLVD partner Eric Marsh, features about One Billion BLVD Friends and is basically… awesome.

Save the date: Saturday, December 27, at the Hideout. We’ll be putting on a post-Christmas party for you, consisting of live sets from FAKE LIMBS, BLIZZARD BABIES & DEN. We’ll be celebrating the end of a hard year and the start of a new awesome year for BLVD. There will be BLVD DJs. There will be CHRISTMAS PRESENTS/FREE GRAB BAGS for all. There will be joy and cheer and goodwill for all.

Have you noticed that ASTROBRITE has been playing around lately, as a full band, featuring Scott Cortez and members of VIDEOTAPE? They have organized a SUPER cool show with BLVD’s own STARING PROBLEM— Tuesday, December 30, again, at The Hideout.

2015 shall bring us more spectacles, parties, and records from Denmark’s FOREIGN RESORT, Chicago’s SAVAGE SISTER & STARING PROBLEM, Missouri’s COWARD, more releases from ASTROBRITE, and more! *KEEP LOOKING AHEAD WITH US!* XOXO.


BLVD BCK FRM THE GRV: Foreign Resort, DEN, Blizzard Babies….

the-foreign-resort-band                    the-foreign-resort-new-frontiers

BLVD Records is back from our extended hiatus and we thank everyone for their patience while we all had a LOT of life to live throughout most of 2014. We are slowly and surely getting back into action and we’re SUPER STOKED for what’s to come……

In “news of the now,” we’re happy to announce The Foreign Resort’s “New Frontiers” CD release today! We will be putting out a beautiful vinyl version of this awesome record in early 2015, and we will have preorder information for that release coming very soon! They also have a “New Frontiers”  cassette release via Sad Cactus!

The “New Frontiers” CD is now available on our website store, and is available to stores via CTD, LTD and Revolver/Midheaven Distribution.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, The Foreign Resort play heavy, layered, and expressive postpunk with a shoegazey twist. Dark and moody, and we’re in love! They have intricately balanced an international sound with songs that instill contradictory feelings of melancholy and bliss. Their explosive recordings and live shows have caught the eyes of Under the Radar, Consequence of Sound, and The Big Takeover. Their tireless touring schedule throughout both Europe and the United States have taken them to shared stages with The Raveonettes, A Place To Bury Strangers and Swervedriver, to name just a few.

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, Raveonettes, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Chameleons, Joy Division, A Place To Bury Strangers

The Foreign Resort on BANDCAMP
The Foreign Resort on FACEBOOK
The Foreign Resort WEBSITE

MORE: Our BLIZZARD BABIES and DEN release information are forthcoming! Stay tuned for preorders and more information on both! LOTS MORE EXCELLENT NEWS is coming! <3

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A Polar Vortex Annoucement From BLVD!

We are BEYOND EXCITED to announce a super special collaboration with our current favorite overseas obsession: The Foreign Resort!

The Foreign Resort hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and play some of the best and most driving modern new wave/postpunk/shoegazey r’n’r that we’ve heard in quite some time. Their brand new full-length album, “New Frontiers,” hits the world with a digital release on February 24, and a BLVD LP/CD release soon to follow! A little extra bonus: an American tour in March, which includes a midwest leg with our own New Canyons! And speaking of… TFR’s upcoming “Alone” single (out 2/10) includes a special New Canyons remix… and it is KILLER.

They’ve shared stages with Swervedriver, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Raveonettes; they’ve released two incredible full-lengths and a handful of singles/EPs (check the Bandcamp and Soundcloud links below); they’ve toured relentlessly throughout Europe and the States; and their rise is only just starting! We gladly welcome TFR to the BLVD family– please stay tuned here and at our Facebook page for ongoing updates and news over the next few weeks!


The Foreign Resort website
The Foreign Resort on Facebook
The Foreign Resort on Twitter
The Foreign Resort on Soundcloud
The Foreign Resort on Bandcamp
The Foreign Resort VIDEO for album single, “Dead End Roads”
The Foreign Resort March US Tour info


On their 2011 EP, from The Big Takeover:
This is a too-short five song EP from these Denmark dynamos, it’s Swervedriving shoegazed Britpop with a nice goth edge. This band is epic! Remnants of Killing Joke and Joy Division lay in their wake as they pick up random sonic body parts left by bands ranging from The White Lies to U2…The slower movements, especially on “Heart Breaks Down,” are sparse, cold, and emotional, earth wrenching enough to make Ian Curtis smile. And then it explodes back into a rave down sound, speeding across new waved highways with vengeance”

Live at the Empty Bottle, Chicago- 2013, photo by Bobby Talamine
WE <3 YOU!

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BLVD011, Fake Limbs “The Power of Patrician Upbringing” LP: PREORDER UP NOW + Blasted Diplomats Release!

We are EXTREMELY HAPPY to announce that Fake Limbs‘ sophomore LP, will be ready very soon and you may preorder it NOW over at our webstore for a discounted price of $13 until the release date of (approximately) December 17. This one is legit brutal, folks… DO NOT SLEEP! LP comes with a download card and the sweeeeeeet artwork/inserts are done by Paul Hornschemeier! Check out an album teaser track on the band’s bandcamp site RIGHT HERE!!

Fake Limbs will be celebrating this release on Friday, November 15 at The Hideout, with Jack Buck and the Cell Phones. We’ll have super-special, super limited test-press editions of the LP for sale there, so we suggest that you get there early if you want one! Also for sale there will be super rad screened posters for the show by the extraordinary Ryan Duggan, which were just featured in the Chicago Reader!

Fake Limbs - front-cover

In other news, TODAY (11/5) is the OFFICIAL release date for Blasted Diplomat’s first LP! If you missed their excellent release show this past Saturday, go over to our webstore and pick it up… or get it at your fine local record store. PREVIEW some tracks from the album RIGHT HERE!



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BLVD010, Blasted Diplomats “S/T” LP: Preorder Up Now + Record Release Show!

We are SUPER stoked to announce that our partnership with beloved Chicago rockers, Blasted Diplomats, has reached fruition in the form of this long-awaited full-length LP! You may purchase the record at a special discounted preorder price NOW through Tuesday, November 5 (official release date)! Head on over to our webstore to nab a copy… these will begin shipping out the week of October 28!

TWO PREVIEW TRACKS from the album are up for the streamin’ at their Bandcamp page, RIGHT HERE!

Hot off the tails of their recent (and excellent) split 12″ with Chicago’s Pamphleteers, this record has been a long time in the making, and we can’t be happier with the end result. Self-described as “four friends who make an infernal racket,” Blasted Diplomats play feel-good rock’n’roll, drawing influence from Neil Young, Replacements, Husker Du, Springsteen, Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, Pavement, Grifters and beyond. Equal parts garagey r’n’r swagger, energetic classic rock, and the best of the beloved heyday of 90s indie/college rock… Blast ‘Mats are beer-drenched, noisey and FUN.

Despite having a bar-band swagger as tight and as focused as anybody in town, they also make the kind of off-the-cuff, charismatic garage band racket that could only come from a close group of friends.” -Chicago Innerview

Blasted Diplomats, whose members you may recognize from Reckless Records, Fast Product, or Alma Negra, play expansive, lusty rock with a hairy Crazy Horse/Long Ryders feel—just the thing for a nighttime road trip.“- Monika Kendrick, Chicago Reader

Blasted Diplomats have announced a record release show on Saturday, November 2 at Quencher’s, Chicago. More information forthcoming!

Blasted Diplomats on Facebook
Blasted Diplomats on Bandcamp
In other news:

PINK FROST continue to kill it with the debut of their brand new VIDEO for the track “The Difference,” off the recent BLVD/Notes & Bolts LP “Sundowning!” Watch the video HERE, and read about it at Brooklyn Vegan AND Chicagoist! If you missed their incredible record release show a couple weeks ago, you’ll be able to check them out on Halloween at the Beat Kitchen!

DEN were in the news the other week as they’ve announced a slight line-up change, and we’ll be throwing up the preorder for their upcoming mammoth-of-an-album, “Exhausted,” very very soon. Hear the title track at their soundcloud page HERE!

FAKE LIMBS have announced their record release show at the Hideout on November 15! The BLVD LP will have a technical release date of early December, but a preorder will go up for the upcoming sophomore LP “Power of Patrician Upbringing” in due time.

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Introducing: COWARD. + BLVD SHOWCASE #1 & more. . .

cowardgroupWe at BLVD are super excited to announce the addition of Kansas City/Columbia, MO four-piece Coward to our roster! These guys rattle the boundaries of heavy instrumental rock music and are an absolute must-see live. Their music is in the vain of Tortoise, Trans Am, The F*cking Champs, etc. with some added jazzy+proggy chops and a gritty, hard-rock backbone.

Check out this excellent and most fitting review of their 1st 12″ release on To Eleven:
“The Columbia/Kansas City MO foursome has combined Tortoise-esque post-rock with Touch-&-Go-style noise rock and And-So-I-Watch-You-From-Afar-tinged mathrock in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever really heard before. The combination of distorted, mile-wide bass riffs and Bitches Brew keys is a potent, jarring mix. The addition in some virtuosic double-drummer action elevates Coward to the level of cerebral superpowers.
The all-instrumental songs play with expectations of how riffs and melody should interact. . .  I cannot recommend this highly enough.”

Also, from Como Collective:
“…Dual drummer filled and keyboard driven…guitar shred fueled fusion of hard rock, indie, and jazz that even could get close to progressive rock as much as anything metal related. …As the subdued melded with harder more fiery pieces…their fusion of different musical styles makes them almost a jazz band as they explore both rock and soul textures.”

Coward will begin recording their upcoming release for BLVD this weekend in Milwaukee. If you’re here in the Chicagoland area, you can catch their incredible live performance at our first BLVD Records Showcase on Thursday, September 12, at Burlington Bar (with Fake Limbs, Blasted Diplomats, Blizzard Babies, Split Feet).

You can pick up their self-released 12″ (which is AWESOME) here on their bandcamp page.
cowardlivecowardlive2Coward on Facebook.
Coward on Bandcamp.
Coward on Tumblr
Speaking of our BLVD Showcase:
In other news:
PINK FROST are getting a TON of great well-deserved press, and their record is selling like hotcakes! Remember their record release show on Saturday, September 28 at the Empty Bottle!

Check ’em out on SPIN right here
Pink Frost were previously known as APTEKA, a psychedelic outfit with a penchant for shoegazing. Now, the Chicago crew have changed their name and revamped their sound for Sundowning, the full-length follow-up to APTEKA’s debut album, 2011’s Gargoyle Days. Out today, the new nine-track LP still looks longingly at guitar slingers of the past, but Pink Frost have mostly swept away the haze that clouded their previous incarnation. Instead, they’ve adopted the sort of chugging, nakedly urgent pace once mastered by another Illinois alt-rock set that sometimes indulged in similarly symphonic fantasies: the Smashing Pumpkins.

And here on Pitchfork….
Pink Frost still play Apteka songs in concert, and Sundowning is built from the same sludgy, earthen stuff that won them local acclaim. That said, while Apteka lumbered with monolithic gravitas built on layer after layer of droning guitar, Pink Frost have dialed it back a notch, writing songs you can almost imagine hearing on rock radio.
Records coming VERY soon from:
Blasted Diplomats, Den & Fake Limbs!


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BLVD009 – Pink Frost, Sundowning CD/LP Release Date + BLVD Showcase info!

Pink Frost sundowning cover

We are so excited to be working with Pink Frost and our very good friends at Note & Bolts Records & Tapes on this incredible project! This trifecta of awesomeness has produced a record that is nothing short of awesome. As of today, the LP (split release between us and Notes & Bolts) and CD are officially out!

You can purchase either physical formats at our webstore HERE, or over at Notes & Bolts HERE!
If you prefer digital tracks, you can purchase Sundowning Back Coverthe album at the Pink Frost bandcamp page.
“Sundowning” has been garnering critical praise everywhere from Pitchfork to Deli Magazine and beyond, AND we’re all super stoked for their record release show on Saturday, September 28 at the Empty Bottle (with Outer Minds and Touched By Ghoul).

This sophomore full-length from Chicago’s Pink Frost (formerly known as Apteka) shoots forth on a foundation of alt-rock that hearkens to all of our favorite 90s alternative bands, back when “alternative” was still “alternative.” They have seamlessly reinvented and redefined the shoegazey aesthetic of “Gargoyle Days” (their first album) and refined their sound to produce a superb rock and roll record. While “Sundowning” still retains that certain spacey, heavy & psychedelic, wall-of-sound feel, it transcends previous Pink Frost material by leaps and bounds. Awash in captivating reverb, swirling melodies, and soaring, anthemic refrains, Pink Frost’s new material has been generating considerable praise from local and national press, who have namedropped everything from Ride, to Smashing Pumpkins, to Dinosaur Jr., to The Men (and beyond). They most definitely remain Chicago’s heaviest and best psychedelic rock band.

RIYL: Smashing Pumpkins, Ride, Jane’s Addiction, Spacemen 3, Pink Floyd, Swervedriver, Mercury Rev, Spiritualized, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine

In other ‘news of the rad,’ we at BLVD Records are very incredibly excited to announce our very first extraordinarily awesome BLVD Records Showcase! This will be the first in a quarterly(ish) series of BLVD showcases, and we deem it the “Rock And Roll” edition.

On Thursday, September 12 at the Burlington Bar (Chicago), we present to you:
Fake Limbs
Blasted Diplomats
Blizzard Babies
Split Feet

8pm, $7, not-to-be-missed, more info RIGHT HERE!

This event will also properly introduce BLVD rookies COWARD to Chicago, who are a quartet of Missourians that play fairly intense and unbelievable instrumental rock in the vain of Trans Am, Tortoise, The F*cking Champs, et cetera. Jazzy dual-drum grit/prog rock licks abound! We can’t get over these guys. We’ll be releasing an EP for Coward late fall of this year. Check out Coward on Bandcamp HERE!

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BLVD009/N+B050, Pink Frost “Sundowning” CD/LP: Preorder Up Now + Record Release Show!

We’re happy to announce that Pink Frost‘s (formerly known as the band APTEKA) incredible new album, Sundowning, is nearing end-of-production, and we have several sale-price bundles up for preorder in our webstore! Each bundle will come with limited-edition Pink Frost accoutrements/accessories, so definitely act now! These will ship starting on September 1 in time for the September 3 release date.

The vinyl LP is a split-release in collaboration with our good friends at Notes & Bolts; it’s limited to 500 copies, on quality 150gr vinyl, and includes a download code.

The first single track off of Sundowning, “Ruins,” was featured on Pitchfork last month:
“Ruins” is off-kilter, yearning rock music that strives for a populism that’s considered a bit declassé by most of their peers and, as such, badly missed. The combination of revved-up Smashing Pumpkins riffs and Adam Lukas’ adenoidal vocals are familiar, as “Ruins” is an ambitious song; one that’s looking to transcend the slighter, shoegaze sound of Pink Frost’s previous work and honor their home city’s Lollapalooza festival by reminding us of its roots. (Ian Cohen)

An increasingly commanding quartet that embraces the power of guitar drone, tribal drum and the deep, shoegaze-era swoon. –Chicago Tribune

Awash in captivating reverb, swirling melodies and soaring, anthemic refrains, Pink Frost has already generated considerable praise from local press namedropping everything from Ride to Smashing Pumpkins to Dinosaur Jr. to The Men and beyond. 

Pink Frost have announced a record release show on Saturday, September 28 at the Empty
Bottle with Outer Minds and Touched By Ghoul. It’s FREE with RSVP- go HERE to do so.
Pink Frost sundowning cover


Pink Frost on Facebook
Pink Frost on Twitter
Pink Frost on Bandcamp
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BLVD008 – New Canyons, Everyone Is Dark CD/LP Official Release Date!

NewCanyonsEIDcover900We are very pleased to announce that 7.16.13 marks the *official* retail release date of New Canyons‘ 2nd full-length, “Everyone is Dark,” on both CD and LP formats! Participating in a compact-disc release is and will continue to be a VERY rare occurence for us, but we are very happy to be able to help New Canyons with a multi-format release… just this once :)

This remarkable dark, shoegazey synthpop album has been receiving rave reviews across the board, and we are very much looking forward to their upcoming show with NYC’s dark postpunkers Bootblacks, Unur, & DJ Peroxide (Friday, July 26, Burlington Bar Chicago).

“To Gossip Wolf, New Canyons sound like OMD and the Cocteau Twins playing to each other from either side of a lonely valley—but these dreamy local synth-­poppers are bringing them together!” -Gossip Wolf, Chicago Reader

“One of the reasons why I made sure that New Canyons were included in our 13 Chicago Bands to Watch in 2013 was because their sound is so focused and genre-committed… Their sound is such a synth-laden throwback that it’s difficult not to be swept up in the lush Tears For Fears slash Depeche Mode soundscapes.” -Richard Giraldi, Loud Loop Press

“Every now and then 80s-influenced throwback albums pop into the indie spectrum, like the recent work from Handsome Furs, Goldfrapp, and the soundtrack to the new film, Drive… Chicago’s New Canyons, a project of Airiel’s Andrew Marrah, is releasing its debut eight-track album this spring, titled Everyone is Dark. The work is replete with bending 80s electric guitars, distant, moaning Cure-like vocals, and blankets of synths. And it’s good.” -Jen Brown, The Bomber Jacket

You can order either the limited-edition vinyl LP or the CD in our webstore HERE.
You may also support the band directly by purchasing a digital download OR the CD from them, at their Bandcamp site, HERE.

“Everyone Is Dark” should be available at your favorite local independent record shop now or very shortly. They are already available at Laurie’s Planet of Sound & Reckless Records in Chicago.

Retailers: we are distributed by CTD, Ltd. and Revolver. We can also deal with you directly for wholesale orders- please contact us at for more information.

New Canyons: RIYL: M83, Cocteau Twins, Cold Cave, Telefon Tel Aviv, Depeche Mode, OMD, Washed Out, Chameleons, Cut Copy, Royksopp, Yaz


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